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Studio|ARNDT is a Boston based architectural practice. The company's staff has the expertise to provide full architectural design services, from concept design to construction administration, in addition to extended branding services. In all our work we aim to address the unique features and potential of a particular situation, embracing them into the project while responding to the requirements of the program.

We strive for progressive architecture - innovating, refining and experimenting - to come up with the optimal solution for each situation. Our method of working is highly participatory, with clients, engineers and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the design process.

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    CIAB 2013
    Beijing, China
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Curbed Awards '15
Curbed Boston Awards ’15: the Year’s Coolest Renderings The Lucas got recognized by Curbed as one of the Year’s Coolest Renderings. So I will take a little credit here as main designer and renderer of... Read more »
A_RNDT Takes Flight
The official launch of  A_RNDT marks a trajectory that we hope inspires some really great architecture, design, and ideas.  We like to think of ourselves as a design firm with aspirations beyond a simple idea,... Read more »
Jason Arndt - 20 Under 40 Award
Jason Arndt was selected by Engineering News Record (ENR) as one of this year’s Top 20 Under 40 Young Leaders. A regional award for individuals who make an impact on their company or the industry,... Read more »
Chimes Pavilion - Finalist Award
‘The Chimes Pavilion’ has been named a finalist at the 2013 China International Architecture Biennial. The’ Chimes Pavilion’ is a 15-by-15 meter pavilion, conceptualized and formalized around the wind chime. It consists of arrayed modular... Read more »

"We love architecture, and we want to do what we can to make it easier to create awesome buildings."

Who we work with


We understand the balance that developers seek in the creation of architecture. We strive to design unique and provocative architecture while keeping the budget on a short leash and deftly navigating the requirements of cities and neighbourhood communities and regulations.


We love designing buildings that create a dialog with not only the users and the community but with architecture at large… so we love design institutional buildings, both public and private.


We pride ourselves on being as invested in the success of a house or building as an owner. We believe that the design process is a collaborative process that goes most smoothly when communication is considered paramount.



CA Documents

In our desire to make the process of creating great architecture that much easier we have created a number of web applications. LocalSource ® is our online building product database where vendors can list their products based on their manufacturing location, allowing us, other architects and contractors the ability to find products and materials local to projects. We created CA-Documents to streamline the construction administration process, saving the client, contractor and architect, both time and money.